Acapulco Hotels: what to see, beaches and quebrada for dips

Travel Guide Acapulco, what to see in the pretty coastal town of Mexico, located in a beautiful bay with a long beach.

Acapulco Vacations

Acapulco is located in Mexico on the Pacific coast, in a beautiful bay with a long beach. Travel Destinations holiday well known, is a very populated, with beautiful beaches nearby, famous for the Quebrada, the high cliff from where you launch enthusiasts all spectacular.

The city was founded around 1530 and became the main port on the Pacific of Mexico, during the period of Spanish rule. Until 1765 represented the only way of trade between the Philippines and Spain.

From the International General Huan Alvarez is an excellent bus service to many destinations across the country, while at the port Lieutenant José Azueta, located on the waterfront, is a convenient parkade.

What to see in Acapulco

Places of great beauty, which is worth going to see, are the Baie of Saint Lucia and Puerto Merqués, the Coyuca Lagoon with its characteristic coconut trees, the ‘Island of Los Pájaros, the Laguna de Tres Palos Lagoon Puerto Marqués de Pueblo Bravo or where they are charged by water sports enthusiasts.

The most famous beaches in Acapulco are the beach Revolcadero, characterized by high waves often rides by fans of surfing, Condesa beach, famous for its bars and cellars where are the major hotel, the beach of Pie de la Cuesta, recommended quest ‘last for the beautiful sunsets.