Aegean: where it is, islands, depth

aegean sea
aegean sea

Useful information on the Aegean Sea, where it is, splitting the region of the same name and archipelagos of islands that are part of it.

Geography of the Aegean

The Aegean Sea is a portion of the Mediterranean Sea between the east coast of Greece, the island of Crete and the west coast of Asia Minor. Log in communication with the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Black Sea through the Dardanelles.

At the deepest point reaches 2591 meters deep, precisely north of the island of Karpathos. The Aegean Sea is bordered on the south by the islands of Crete and Rhodes and is one of the nine geographic regions in which is divided Greece.

The Aegean region is divided into two parts, North Aegean and South Aegean, bordering both the east with Turkey.

The coasts bordering the Aegean Sea are very articulate with frequent groups of islands, including the islands of the Cyclades and the Sporades.

Another important group of islands in the Aegean Sea is the Dodecanese consists of several islands including the island of Rhodes, Casts, Case, Kos, Leros and Stampalia. The main ports on this sea are to Thessaloniki, Piraeus and of Smyrna.