Alabama: travel, what to visit in the state of the US

What to visit in Alabama, journey to discover the territory, economy, landscapes and attractions, the city to see.

Alabama Travel Guide

Alabama is one of 50 states belonging to the federation of the United States of America, bordered on the north by Tennessee, south to Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, to the west by the Mississippi and east with Georgia.

As for the territorial extent, Alabama is located in the southern part of the US and stretches over 135,000 square miles to stand at the thirtieth place in order of magnitude between the staffs of the United States.

Major cities in Alabama are Birmingham, Mobile, Montgomery and Huntsville. In Alabama there are extensive cultivation of cotton, due to the vastness of its plains with fertile soil.

In the north are different not so high mountains, of which the highest is Mount Cheaha with its 734 meters, and along the river valleys principlamente Tennessee with the presence of some lakes and smaller water courses.

Also in the north is quite developed cattle breeding. The economic wealth of this state is centered on some underground resources including coal mines of the southern Appalachians, iron ore and bauxite. Over the years they have known remarkable development metallurgical industry and the steel industry, also had exponential growth in the production of aluminum and cotton.

What to visit in Alabama

Montgomery is the capital of Alabama and county seat of Montgomery. It is located in the central-south of the state where it passes the Alabama River and is famous for its significant role during the Civil War.

Birmingham is the largest city in the state of Alabama as well as being the capital of the County of Jefferson. For many years, the economy was based on a lot of iron and steel industries and in recent times there has been considerable diversification in favor of medical research, banking, biotechnology and information technology.

Mobile belongs to the Mobile County located in southwest Alabama and is the third largest city by population located in Alabama. It owes its name to the Indian tribe of Mobile in the area at the time of the foundation.

Huntsville is an important administrative and financial center located in Madison County with a population of 368 661 inhabitants.