Alaska: tour guide, things to know to visit

General information for travel in Alaska, where he is, geographical characteristics of the territory, climate, natural resources and road network, how to reach the capital Juneau.

Geography Alaska

Alaska, one of the states making up the federation of the United States, is located at the northern end of North America. Geographically, Alaska is characterized by being the only state in the US not bordering other states in the American federation.

It can be divided into several geographic areas including the coastal region to the south where there are villages and industrial facilities for the extraction of oil, the peninsula that houses some small villages and mountains with glaciers as well as extensive forests, the inner part features more plain and some large rivers such as the Yukon and Kuskokwim, the coast further north is rather the least populated state as decisamene inhospitable.

Worth noting that in Alaska is Mount McKinley, which with its 6193 is the highest mountain of the whole North America. The first inhabitants were the people who moved to America across the Bering Strait become viable on the surface due to the increased extent of the ice-covered waters.

What at first seemed an inhospitable land became a great source of wealth for mineral resources since 1898 when gold was discovered that accelerated the colonization of the territory. Later in 1968 it was discovered that currently represents the largest oil field and natural gas located in North America. In 1977 were completed 1,300 miles of pipeline built to transport oil and gas to the port of Valdez.

Climate Alaska

The Alaska has a very cold climate can be divided into several main areas including the south coast where the weather is milder but more subject to phenomena snowy because of large amounts of moisture due to the proximity of the ocean, the interior temperature monthly averages below zero for nine months each year, reaching peaks of 62 degrees below zero and the west coast where alternate cold winters to short periods summer fresh.

Alaska Natural Resources

In addition to large mineral resources mentioned at the beginning of this article plays an important role in the economy of Alaska also fishing for a good part of which is exported. Not widespread are agriculture and livestock that are barely sufficient to meet the domestic demand for milk and vegetables.

Roads Alaska

The road network is not very svilupppata due to the low concentration of inhabitants and the great distances to be covered together with a configuration of the land as never averse to this kind of structural works. The main roads are in the South and among them the most important is the Alaska Highway that serves as a link between the major cities and Canada.

Capital Juneau Alaska

Juneau, which is the state capital and is accessible only by sea or by air flights, owes its name to the prospector Joe Juneau, who discovered a gold mine in late 1800, and the villagers of miners developed around it took as a sign of gratitude to give his name to the city.