Alatri: what to see, cyclopean walls acropolis

What to see in Alatri, itinerary to visit the Acropolis, the city walls to the Cathedral of St. Paul.

Guide Alatri

The municipality of Alatri corresponds to a town in the province of Frosinone in Lazio, located on a hill on the lower slopes of the mountains Ernici. Of very ancient and medieval-looking, Alatri is best known for the pre-Roman fortified acropolis and monuments of particular interest.

The Acropolis occupies the top of the hill and has a walled polygonal also called Cyclopean walls trapezoidal 2 km long and up to 3 meters high. On the age of the construction of these walls there are different opinions, the dominant hypothesis dates back to pre-Roman times with major renovations carried out in the fourth century BC, during the Roman era.

What to visit in Alatri

The boundary wall has 5 doors including 2 well preserved, very striking is the Porta Maggiore, which is accessed via a staircase.

On the top of the acropolis are the Cathedral of St. Paul, characterized by majestic seventeenth-century facade, and the bishop, while the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, Romanesque-Gothic-looking, and dating from the fifth century, dominates the main square.

Other valuable architectures can be seen in this interesting town, among them the church of San Francesco, the end of the thirteenth century, with Gothic portal and a beautiful rose window, the medieval church of San Silvestro, in Romanesque style, and the palace Gottifreddi, building Gothic dating from the thirteenth century.