Arizona tour guide, what to see in the state of the US

Arizona travel guide, places to see, climate, geographical location and visit to Monument Valley for holidays in the United States.

Trip to Arizona tips

Arizona is a state, part of the federation of the United States of America, located in the southwest of the country, bordered by Utah, Nevada, California, Mexico and in small part with the Colorado. In Arizona, the climate is mostly dry due to the presence of mountain ranges to the west and the considerable distance from the Pacific Ocean, factors leading to the almost total absence of rain.

What to see in Arizona

The main cities are Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma and Flagstaff and in it are the Grand Canyon, the ‘Antelope Canyon, Canyon de Chelly, Coyote Buttes and Monument Valley as well as forests, parks and some Indian reservations.

Phoenix is ​​the capital and is located in the center of the Valley of the sun on the banks of the Salt River that was drained from its waters after the construction of the High Dam Roosevelt Dam in 1912. Phoenix is ​​home of the ‘Heard Museum, a museum of art Indian, and there is a beautiful Auditorium in modern art built by architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Monument Valley is located in an isolated area and extended on the border between Utah and Arizona and distant about seventy miles from Kayenta, which is the nearest town. Very famous is the Highway 163, the way to go to get to Monument Valley, in the last straight section has a slight descent that gives drivers the feeling of being immersed in the heart of the valley.

The landscape is largely characterized by plains with some hills isolated, such butte, characterized to have their very sloping sides and a flat top. The butte are formed from rocks and sand and typically have the form of towers reddish color due to the high presence of iron oxide.

The area is inhabited by the Monument Valley Navajo Indians who provide the organization of the territory and sell their crafts to tourists through numerous stalls set up for the purpose. In this valley there are neither hotels nor motel and excursions are possible using their motor vehicle. Also often are set up of the film sets for the filming of movies.

At Monument Valley Visitor Center are available to the Navajo guides to visit the valley on horseback with a tour lasting about four hours, or on board a jeep and two hours of travel. For insight into the most characteristic part of the valley is advisable to use only off-road vehicles because the road ahead is unpaved and flash floods are possible in case of torrential rains that would put the driver in serious difficulty.