Arkansas Hotels: what to see in the state of the US

What to see in Arkansas, travel, tourism and holidays in the state of the US, with information on climate and geography of the area.

Trip to Arkansas

Arkansas is one of the fifty states belonging to the United States of America, bordered on the north by the Missouri, on the east by the Tennessee and Mississippi, on the south by Louisiana and Texas, and to the west by Oklahoma. The capital city is Little Rock and its territory is likely to be divided into two major natural regions which are respectively the high lands of the west, corresponding to the region of Ouchita and plateau of Ozark, and the lowlands that include the floodplain Mississippi River and the coastal plain of the Gulf of Mexico.

The Crowley’s Ridge is a formation of sediments wind forming a mini mountain range with average heights of about 150 meters and extended for twenty miles. In the coastal plain south of Little Rock are widespread livestock, especially cattle.

The highlands, which as its name implies have different characteristics mainly due to the altitude that cost on average around 850 meters and include Ouchita and the Ozark Plateau, are mostly wooded and sparsely populated.

Boston Mountains, which are hills eroded by wind and divided into large staircases about six hundred meters high, are the main heights located nell’altipiano Ozark. As for the hydrography, the Mississippi River traces the eastern border of the state and receives as tributaries the most courses transiting the territory of ‘Arkansas rivers including the Red, Ouchita, Arkansas and Saint Francis. There are also several lakes where many artificial.
The weather is famously mild most of the year with temperatures generally not less than 2 degrees Celsius in winter and do not exceed 27 degrees Celsius in summer. The economy of Arkansas focuses primarily on industry, trade, farming and mining.

There are many farms around the territory of the state that are dedicated mainly to the cultivation of rice and cotton in addition to that of soybeans, wheat and barley. The forests are exploited to extract timber and also there are also important mineral resources including natural gas fields, bromine and diamonds.

What to see in Arkansas

In Arkansas are also important museums including the Arkansas Arts Center which is housed in the premises of a building that dates back to a date before the civil war and is still in excellent condition, the Arkansas Territorial Museum and the Old State House State History Museum that are located in Little Rock.

The City of Mountain is located in Bull Shoals and is the place where are organized shows of music and dance with craft workshops for the production of jewelry, wood carving and pottery.

The Forth Smith National Historic Site is the park and museum where you will find a strong dating back to 1817 and the Arkansas Post National Memorial where are the remains of the first French settlement materialized in the lower Mississippi.