Artimino: visit the medieval village and villa of the hundred chimneys

Information for visiting the old village of Artimino, where the villa Ferdinanda, what to see and Pieve di San Leonardo.

Guide Artimino

Set on a hill of Montalbano in the municipality of Carmignano in the province of Prato, Artimino is a small medieval village famous for the grand Medici villa Ferdinanda, commonly called the villa of the hundred chimneys.

The area surrounding Artimino is very interesting from a historical point of view, as it was already inhabited since Etruscan times, as evidenced by the archaeological remains found near the present village, built within the walls of the castle dating back to ‘eleventh century, the remains of which are still partially visible, along with part of the walls and the embattled tower with clock, from which door leads to the village, where you will find a well and old buildings, including a former oratory dedicated to S.Simone.

In XIII-XIV century, for its strategic location, Artimino was bitterly disputed between Florence and Pistoia, and only in 1329 it passed definitively under Florence.

Villa La Ferdinanda, connected to the village through a long avenue of trees, was ordered by Ferdinando I de ‘Medici and built between 1596 and 1600, designed by the court architect Bernardo Buontalenti, as a place of residence for the owner and his guests during the regular hunting within the Barco Reale, a large wooded area turned into a hunting by Cosimo.

The Church of San Leonardo Artimino, located on the crest of the hill outside the village, is an extraordinary example of pre-Romanesque architecture initially dedicated to the Virgin Mary and later also dedicated to San Leonardo.