Aruba vacations guide, beaches, hiking in the island of the Caribbean

What to do in Aruba, travel in the territory, climate, economy, the most beautiful beaches, hiking coconut plantations and National Park Arikok, where to stay.

Aruba Travel Guide

Aruba is an island located to the north of Venezuela, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, is a dependency of the Netherlands, part of Central America Caribbean. The territory is mostly flat, characterized by very few streams and a dry climate that does not favor the growth of vegetation.

In the central part is the chain of rolling hills whose peaks are more Hooiberg and Jamanota, which also represent the two points with higher altitude.

As for the weather conditions they are characterized by a very pleasant tropical climate made by the mitigating influence of the sea, to the point that the temperature is almost constant at around twenty-eight degrees Celsius during the whole year.

The island is affected by the trade winds coming from the Atlantic Ocean and the rainy precitazioni annually are extremely scarce in the autumn as the most rainy season.
The standard of living of the population of Aruba is among the highest in the geographical area of ​​the Caribbean and much of the economy is based on the activities revolving around tourism. Other economically important sector is linked to oil extraction.

What to see in Aruba

The island of Aruba enjoys a considerable tourist importance as it is very well known for its white sand beaches are located mainly in the west and south and the crystalline sea. The tourism industry in Aruba is very well organized, developed and diversified to meet a wide range of different interests.

No shortage of secluded beaches to enjoy greater riservattezza, the opportunity to hike alone, and the opportunity to enjoy the night in the numerous bars full of festivals and folklore. Among other typical excursions to do in Aruba are recommended to visit a coconut plantation and a hike through the National Park Arikok to closely observe the exotic flora and wildlife.

Sports fans can enjoy diving, windsurfing, water skiing, boating, deep sea fishing, golf, squash, horse riding and even bowling. Even hotels all offer a wide range of proposals for individuals, couples and families with children.

Worth noting that the hospitality of the local people is very high and this increases the number of tourists going to spend the holidays in the beautiful beaches of Aruba.