Asinara Island: visit the natural park between the high coasts

Practical Guide to the National Park dell, island of Sardinia, where once it was running a high security prison.

National park island Asinara

The island of Asinara is located northwest of Sardinia, which is separated by a narrow channel, is uninhabited and belongs to the municipality of Porto Torres. The territory of the island is mountainous prevalentamente, its highest point is Tip of Excommunication, m. 408 above sea level.

Its coasts are high and jagged, alternating with beaches and coves, are famous falls and falls Andrew Arena, the vegetation of the island is made up of the classic Mediterranean vegetation with few forests given the scarcity of waterways that make the soil arid.

On the island, at the end of 1800, there were built buildings to accommodate an agricultural penal colony and a health station maritime quarantine, therefore were expropriated land and the inhabitants of Asinara were forced to move into the new village of Stintino, along the nearby coast of Sardinia.

The island was closed to the public. The penitentiary was a maximum security prison and saw the presence of the judges Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino that, for a period of time carried on their work in the guesthouse of Cala d’Oliva, protected by the isolation of the place.

In 1998 the prison was decommissioned and was established the National Park Asinara.