Aspen, holidays in the mountains of Colorado

Trip to Aspen, tips for visiting the lovely town of Colorado, indicated both for winter sports and summer hiking excursions, including classical music concerts and meetings with artists and celebrities.

Guide Aspen

Aspen, whose name means aspen or a plant widely present in the woods, is a pretty town in the United States located in the scenery of the beautiful Colorado mountains, at an altitude of about 2,400 m. Aspen, before the arrival of the whites to work in the silver mines of which was rich in its subsoil, was inhabited by the Ute Indians who were later forced to leave the territory.

Over the last two decades of the nineteenth century thousands of miners lived and worked in this city created from nothing.

With the closure of the mines, Aspen fell completely abandoned and only around 1936 its fortunes changed when two American millionaires had the intuition to build on the mountain slopes of the outstanding ski slopes, making the town a great place for practice this sport, so to be chosen by the International Federation, as the venue for holding the World Championship downhill skiing in 1950.

The event gave a lot of notoriety in Aspen, which became a very popular destination for lovers of the mountain, ideal for skiing in winter and make wonderful hiking trips in the summer.

Today Aspen is an exclusive resort, known not only for its ski offer, but also for its cultural aspect, as you enjoy a concert of classical music, is also home to many artists and frequented by many celebrities, including which some Hollywood stars.

After the birth of ‘Aspen Institute and of’ Aspen Aspen Music Festival and School, has also become an international destination for conventions, entertainment, art, literature and music.

A short distance from Aspen is a small airport connected to various domestic destinations, while the international airport is the nearest airport to Denver, Colorado’s main cities.