Augusta: what to see, attractions and monuments to visit

What to visit in Augusta, and attractions such as monuments to see in this city of Bavaria in Germany, from the Cathedral to the neighborhood of Fuggerei.

Attractions Augusta

Augusta is a city in Germany located in Bavaria at the confluence of the rivers Lech and Wertach, about 54 km from Monaco of Bavaria. Important railway junction, is a major commercial and industrial center. The old part of the city is located at the edge of a plateau in the steep hills of Friedberg and the hilly areas of the West.

To the south there is the great alluvial plain of Lechfeld, characterized by protected natural areas Augsburger Stadtwald and Lechtalheiden. The natural park of Augsburg Augsburg Western Forests consisting mainly woodland, bordering the territory of the city. To see the Cathedral of Our Lady of Augusta, Romanesque Gothic dating from the ninth century, and other interesting buildings of the late Gothic and Renaissance.

Monuments of Augusta

The Basilica of Saints Ulrich and Afra is one of the most important monumental churches of Augusta, built in Gothic style around the tomb of the Roman martyr Saint Afra, where there are three magnificent altars of late-Renaissance considered among the best examples of sculpture German that period. The bell tower with the characteristic shape of onion served as an example for the realization of other Bavarian baroque towers.

Places to visit in Augusta

Sights include, always in the religious sphere, the lutereana St. Anne Church, the Catholic Church of St. Maurice and the Jewish Synagogue of Augusta. Of Romanesque origin, Augusta was an important episcopal see. Among the civil buildings deserve the attention of the district Fuggerei, which represents one of the first examples of public housing, the Rathaus, the seat of the municipality, and the Palace Schaezler, a prestigious noble residence town located in the central Maximilianstra├če, now a museum dedicated to Art Collections of the state.