Aveiro: what to see, visit the Venice of Portugal

What to visit in Aveiro where moliceiros sail the canals, tourism in the city of salt or Holland in miniature, also known as the Portuguese Venice, one of the most beautiful towns of Portugal.

Guide Aveiro

Aveiro is geographically located on the banks of the estuary to estuary and this causes the water from entering the city through a network of channels where they navigate the moliceiros or abbondandemente decorated boats that were used in the past for the transport of algae.

Incidentally the salt flats were already known in ancient times and still today there are some northern European countries who come to buy the salt extracted here. Another definition that would fit a brush to Aveiro is to the city of azulejos with numerous palaces decorated with these characteristic ceramic elements on their facades and interiors.

What to visit in Aveiro

The Church of Mercy, dating from the sixteenth century, is Baroque and in front of it is the Palace of the Council, from the XVIII century. Very nice is also the Convent of Jesus, now the Museum of Aveiro, built in the Gothic style with Baroque façade, which houses the remains of St. Joan, the patron saint of the town, which he spent in this sacred place the last years of his life. In the halls of the museum are housed collections of Portuguese painting in addition to pottery and gold.