Bahamas vacation coral islands in the Caribbean

Practical information for trip to the Bahamas, where they are, climate and tourism in the islands of the Caribbean Sea suitable for holidays throughout the year.

Guide Bahamas

The Bahamas is an archipelago of 690 islands of coral origin, located north-east of Cuba and east of Florida. The island that greater importance is New Providence, where the majority of the population.

Quiet coves and beaches from the crowds offer visitors the intimacy of a secluded retreat in a relaxed paradise where the palm trees abound.

The history of these islands is very interesting as it were among the first American land discovered by Columbus.
In these islands in the Caribbean Sea, of which only 30 are inhabited, the climate is mild throughout the year, thanks to the favorable influence from the Gulf Stream.

Temperatures vary throughout the year between 18 ° and 30 ° C. The best time to go is between January and April as in the remaining months is not uncommon occurrence of Hurricanes.

Tourism is the most important source of income, followed by financial assets offshore. A holiday in the Bahamas will give diving enthusiasts the opportunity of visiting the underwater caves and coral reefs.