Batalha: what to see, monastery Santa Maria della Vittoria

Guide Batalha, visit the great monastery of Santa Maria della Vittoria, real attraction of this small central Portugal.

Things to do in Batalha

The center of Batalha, small, originated at the time of the beginning of the construction of the monastery with the arrival of the many artists who participated. The Monastery of Santa Maria della Vittoria, located in Batalha in Portugal, originated by the votes made ​​by King John I before the battle of Aljubarrota took place in 1385.

Just defeats the troops of Castile, the king did begin construction of this huge building to be dedicated to the worship which lasted about two hundred years. With the presence of different architectural styles, due to the long time period of construction, this building is considered one of the best examples of Gothic Portuguese seasoned generously with Manueline art.
The main facade is decorated with figures of characters taken from the Old Testament. The interior has three naves very high. The right aisle leads to the chapel of the founder King John where it rests his wife.

On the other side you enter the magnificent cloister real Manueline style. Very interesting also Chapels unfinished, because they were never completed.

At the entrance is a beautiful porch dating from the sixteenth century. In the large square in front of the monastery is the monument to Nuno Alvares Pereira, General of the Portuguese troops who led the battle of Aljubarrota.