Belgian Ardennes, holidays in the region of forests

ardennes belgium
ardennes belgium

When speaking of the Ardennes means a hilly region covered by forests, located mostly on the territory of Belgium and Luxembourg, but with offshoots up in France, where there are a department and a region that inherit the name, specifically the department of Ardennes and the region of Champagne-Ardenne.

Travel in the Ardennes region

The Ardennes region is characterized to have the deep valleys formed by the rivers, the largest of which is the Meuse. Excluding the two main cities Liege and Namur, which are located in the valley of the Meuse, the Ardennes have a low population density.

The name comes from the ancient Ardennes foreseta of Arduenna Silva in Roman times was very extensive, starting from the River Sambre in Belgium to come to the Rhine in Germany. The Ardennes current are constituted by a zone of smaller surface.

In the wars of the past in the Ardennes have always had a strategic location and for that you have given to be captured at different times by France, the Spanish Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom of the Netherlands.

In more recent times dating back to the twentieth century, the geographical position has lost a little of importance because it was thought that they were not suitable for military operations on a larger scale, mainly because of the difficult terrain and the small roads.

Despite this, during the First and Second World War, Germany took advantage of this territory to implement quick steps through it and attack the areas of France less defenses.

The major battles of the Ardennes which were the scene in the two World Wars were the Battle of the Bulge in World War I and the Battle of France in the second during which the towns suffered extensive damage.

Because of unsuitable ground, the agricultural sector has not had great development. Instead the great forests are very rich you game, between natural resources abound timber and minerals, the cities of Liege and Namur are important industrial centers. From the point of view of tourism, thanks to the beauty of the landscape and the significant opportunities for hiking in the forests of the Ardennes, the Ardennes region is a major destination for tourism.