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belgium map
belgium map

Travel Guide Belgium, all the things to know to organize your holidays in this state of Europe bathed by the North Sea.

Information travels Belgium

  • Capital: Brussels
  • Surface area in square kilometers: 30 518 sq km
  • Population: 10,457,344
  • Religion: Catholic majority and minority Protestant, Islamic, Jewish.

Where is Belgium

Belgium is bordered to the north by the Netherlands, to the east by Germany and Luxembourg, to the south and west by France, and it is wet northwest from the North Sea. The coastline of the North Sea is low and sandy, characterized by very fertile land (polders), reclaimed from the sea by dikes and closed; inward follows a flat region, with numerous water courses (Flanders) or slightly wavy (Brabant and Limburg). To the south of the valleys of the rivers Sambre and Meuse covers the region corresponding to the massif of the Ardennes; a mountainous area where there are deciduous and coniferous trees, just high altitude (peak is the Signal de Botrange m. 694, in Zittelwald the border with Germany).

Hydrography of Belgium

Belgium territory is crossed by numerous rivers and canals in most waterways. The main rivers are the Scheldt, which flows into the North Sea after crossing Flanders, its main tributaries are the Lys, the Dendre, the Rupel, the Senne and Demer, and the other is the Meuse River that winds between the ridges of the Ardennes and continues its path in the Netherlands, its main tributary is the Sambre.

Climate of Belgium

Belgium climate is of the Atlantic, with very cold winters, cool summers and low temperature variation on the coast and in the lowland regions. Rainfall is frequent and evenly distributed throughout the year. Climatic conditions in the Ardennes have characteristics more continental, with cold winters, rainy and often snowy.

Population of Belgium

Two main groups of the population of Belgium are represented by the Flemish (Dutch) and Walloon (French-speaking). There is also a German-speaking minority in the east of the country. Foreign communities living in Belgium are formed from: Italian, Moroccan, French, Dutch, Turkish, Spanish, German, British, Portuguese and displaced former colony of the Congo.

Belgian time

Belgium has same time zone of Italy

Language Belgium

In Belgium the languages ​​spoken are: the Dutch (Flemish dialect), spoken mainly in the region of Flanders, ca. 60% of the population and the French spoken mainly in the region of Wallonia, ca. 40% of the population. The Brussels region is bilingual. German is spoken by a small minority of the extreme east of the province of Liege. English is widely spoken.

Economy of Belgium

Various bodies of the European Union and international institutions have their headquarters in the capital Brussels. Belgium can count on a very good transport network. An excellent motorway network, good rail and a large port, Antwerp, the second European port for size. And ‘one of the founding nations of the European Union and was one of the first to adopt the euro. Important service industries: financial services, transportation, advertising, entertainment, which contributes to the formation of most of the gross domestic product, followed by the chemical industry, food processing, mechanical and energy and to a lesser extent from the primary sector.

When you go to Belgium

The best time to visit Belgium meets the warmer months between April and September. Characteristic of the climate of this country is the variability and sometimes persistent drizzle.

Documents required travel Belgium

Italian citizens to enter Belgium are not subject to controls, as coming from the Schengen area (states that are part of the European Union). However must be in possession of identity card or valid passport, with one of these documents, the stay is guaranteed up to 90 days of stay.

Telephone in Belgium

– International code to call Belgium is 0032.

Electricity in Belgium

Electric current is 230 V 50 Hz. Sockets type C, E.

Money Belgium

The official currency of Belgium is euro.