Berenice Hotels: what to do in the ancient town of Egypt

berenice red sea
berenice red sea

Information holidays to Berenice on the Red Sea, what to do and see in this ancient city of Egypt, founded in honor of the homonymous queen.

Berenice Holidays

Egypt’s ancient town, situated on the Red Sea coast in the extreme south of the country near the border with Sudan, is now a popular holiday destination.

The town takes its name from Queen Benerice I belonging to the family of the Ptolemies, who ruled Egypt from 305 BC until the Roman conquest in 30 BC.

In honor of his mother just disappeared, the son of Benerice I, Ptolemy II Philadelphus, founded this city in 275 BC Berenice during the Roman Empire was an important port for trade with India and the Far East.

What to see and do in Berenice

Berenice, until some time ago little known, offers visitors a rich natural, cultural and underwater with many excursions for tourists.

Many dive sites allow you to admire the beautiful and interesting coral formations, in an unpolluted sea, populated by a wide variety of fish.

Along the coast white beaches and the sea waters are shallow.

In Egypt the airport closer to Berenice is to Marsa Alam, which is about 160 km.