Bergeggi: visit the islet, reserve and nature park in Liguria

Tour guide to visit the island of Bergeggi, in the regional natural marine reserve of the same name, located off the coast in the west coast in Liguria.

Bergeggi Island in brief

Small island formed by a cone of limestone 53 meters tall, Bergeggi is placed in front of the municipality of the same name, off the coast of Liguria, in the west coast.

The island is accessible by ferry service from the ports of Savona, Vado Ligure and Finale Ligure, is part of the Regional Natural Reserve of Bergeggi, the area surrounding marine, very interesting for its seabed, is a natural marine protected area.

The territory is partially covered with vegetation, the coasts are rocky.

On the island are the remains of a monastery built in 992 by the bishop of Savona in honor of St. Eugene.

Also visible are the ruins of a tower of Roman origin and of a Church of the fourth century, always dedicated to St. Eugene. The island of Bergeggi is a great place for fans of diving thanks to the clear sea with depths abounding flora and fauna.