Bergen: trip to the city of seven hills, visit fjords

Trip to Bergen, visit the fjords from the main port of Norway, museums to see in the northern city of the temperate climate.

Guide Bergen

Bergen is a city located on the coast of Norway and the county seat of Hordaland. Located in two inlets of Byfjord, put in communication by numerous canals with the Atlantic Ocean.

With a population of 250,000 inhabitants is the second city after the capital Oslo, situated between seven mountains and considered the gateway to the most beautiful fjords of Norway.

The city of Bergen is characterized by having a temperate oceanic, with weak fluctuations of temperature, winters are mild and rainy summers.

Here is an important port, where imported goods destined to the whole country and used as a base for fishing vessels that deal mainly herring and cod.

Flourishing are the canneries, mechanical, legnaiole, textile, food and cementifere, many shipyards. The university is an important cultural center where there are also research institutes, museums and art galleries.