Bodrum Hotels: what to see in the coastal town in Turkey

bodrum castle turkey
bodrum castle turkey

What to see in Bodrum, where it is, accommodation of this seaside town of Turkey, ideal for beach holidays and culture.

Holidays Bodrum

Bodrum is a coastal city in south-western Turkey that overlooks the bay of the same name, at the point where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean Sea. The city is well developed in terms of hospitality and offers a very lively center with shops, restaurants and nightclubs, as well as a splendid sea.

The beautiful resort, that coming from the sea is distinguished by the white houses on the hill, the imposing castle of the harbor and the vast Marina, arose near the ruins of Halicarnassus, which in antiquity was the main colony of Caria, where he was born famous greek historian Herodotus, 484 bC- 420 bC about.

What to see in Bodrum

The area, rich in archaeological evidence a history spanning more than 5000 years, the remains of what was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the spectacular tomb of King Mausolus, which began construction during his reign and wife-sister Artemisia II he completed the work after his death.

The mausoleum was destroyed by an earthquake in 1304 and today only the foundations. The ruins of the mausoleum were used for the construction, in the early fifteenth century, the castle of St. Peter, built by the Knights of the Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem.

The fortress that we can still admire stands on a rocky peninsula surrounded on three sides by the sea, is the symbol of Bodrum and houses a museum dedicated to underwater archeology. Do not miss a visit to the theater dating from the Hellenistic period, later used by the Romans.

From this facility open to the sea you can admire a beautiful view of Bodrum and its harbor, where the boats and the typical caiques depart to the nearby island of Kos, the other Greek islands and the beautiful bays of the coast.