Bol: beach, what to visit in the resort island of Brac

ol beach brac island croatia
ol beach brac island croatia

What to see in Bol, the main center of the island of Brac where he is one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia.

Island of Brac

The beach in Bol is the main and best known among the beaches of the island of Brac, the largest in Dalmatia in Croatia. The island of Brac, Brac in Italian, is the largest island of Dalmatia, Croatia, and is the third area between the islands of the Adriatic Sea.

The southern part of the island is characterized by limestone hills, while the northern part has a more sweet and tempting offers sandy beaches. The island, which was inhabited since Neolithic times, is part of the group of Curzolane and its main centers are, Supetar (Saint Peter), Sutivan (Saint John), Milna (Milona), as well as the resort town of Bol where the famous beach Zlatni rat (Golden Horn).

What to visit in Bol

Descending along the slopes of Vidova Gora you reach the main town of the southern coast of the island, the town of Bol, near which is Zlatni rat, a magnificent sand spit that juts out into the sea for over 300 meters, whose profile changes depending on the sea currents.

In Bol is Sv Ivan church, built in the eleventh century and rebuilt in the Baroque period, and the Dominican monastery with the church that keeps inside a “Madonna and Child with Saints” school of Tintoretto. Supetar is north island, overlooking the bay of the same name, where they land the ferries from Split.

The town is situated in a natural environment very nice, full of beaches and coves surrounded by pine woods. From the cultural point of view the main monument of Supetar is the church of the Annunciation of Mary, built in 1733 on the foundations of early Christian basilica dedicated to St. Peter.
Continuing west of Supetar is Sutivan, with its beaches and the church of Sv.Ivan built at the end of the sixteenth century, near the ruins of an early Christian chapel. After about 10 Km., Overlooking a very deep bay sheltered from the wind, is Milna, whose settlement dates back to the eighteenth century.

Velika Gospa church was built there in 1783, and has built the altarpiece, annunciation by Sebastiano Ricci. Inland, before arriving in Bol, is located Neresi, township farm until the nineteenth century was the major center of the island. Its main square is of Venetian style, the parish church dating back to the thirteenth century, it was rebuilt in the Baroque era.