Bosnia and Herzegovina: Guide holidays, information

Travel guide Bosnia and Herzegovina, practical information and things to know to organize your holidays in this state of the former Yugoslavia.

Visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Capital: Sarajevo
  • Surface area in square kilometers: 51,129 sq km
  • Population: 3,766,579
  • Religion: Muslim, Orthodox, Catholic and others.

Where is Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a state which until 1992 was part of Yugoslavia. It is located in the Western Balkans and is bordered to the east and south-east with Serbia-Montenegro, to the north, west and south with Croatia and Herzegovina Through the port city of Neum in the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, the country has an outlet to the Adriatic Sea. The territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina is largely mountainous. The Dinaric Alps dominate the western part of the country, with peaks over 2,000 meters.


The main rivers are: Sava, Una, Bosna, Drina, Neretva. The most important lakes are: Busko Blato and Lake Jablanica.

Climate of Bosnia and Herzegovina

In central Bosnia climate is continental with cold winters and hot summers, while in the south-west of the country, in the lower valley of the Neretva and on a very short stretch of coast, the climate is Mediterranean.


The population is made up of Bosnians, Serbs and Croats.

Time Bosnia and Herzegovina

In Bosnia and Herzegovina the time is the same Italy.

Spoken language

The official languages ​​are: Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian.


The economic situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina affected by the war that devastated the country in the years 1992-95. With the end of the conflict model of planned economy inherited from the communist system was oriented towards a market economy, this reorganization process is still ongoing, and is a challenge to which calls are all three ethnic communities in the country.

When to go to Bosnia and Herzegovina

The best time to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina is the spring and summer.


The international code for calls Bosnia and Herzegovina is: 00387


The electric current is 220V 50Hz.

Money and credit cards

The official currency of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the Convertible Mark (KM).