Braganza: what to see, Tras os Montes, park Montesinho

What to see in Braganza, the ancient capital of the region Tras os Montes, visit the natural park of Montesinho in Portugal.

Tourism Braganza

The old part of Braganza is located on the hill, completely surrounded by walls of the XII century with 18 towers, while below is the modern city. Proceeding to the northwest, near the border with Spain is the Natural Park of Montesinho, consists of a large mountainous area. The economy of this city, Episcopalian, is based mainly on agriculture and textile industry.

The role of military fortress played in the past by Braganza, a town holiday in Portugal, is evidenced by the double walls that enclose the well-preserved old town. Although the origins of the castle date back to the late twelfth century, this place was already inhabited by the Celts, Romans, Visigoths and Muslims.

What to see in Braganza

The magnificent Tower of Homage, home today the Military Museum of Braganza, is the place where stands the Domus Municipalis which is the only public building in the Romanesque style still visible in Portugal.

The Sé Cathedral said, with a simple façade outside, contains within it all the exuberance of the Baroque more stringent in Portugal.

Of significant interest is the Museum Abade Bacal, where he witnessed the history of the various peoples who lived in this city.