Bremen: what to see, driving to the city situated on the river Weser

Tourist information about Bremen, what to see in this city of Germany founded by Charlemagne and situated on the banks of the river Weser.

City of Bremen

Bremen is located about 60 Km. From the mouth of the river and the port of Bremerhaven, which form the Land of Bremen, the smallest of the federal states of the Federal Republic of Germany. The city, a major transit point on the Weser, was founded in 787 by Charlemagne. In the Middle Ages reached a considerable economic importance, it acquired autonomy town and was part of the Hanseatic League.

In 1646, after the war against Sweden which took place during the period of the Thirty Years War, Bremen gained the status of a free city, and in the eighteenth century was the first city in Europe to do business with the North America. During the Second World War the city and the port, the latter today diventuto the second busiest commercial maritime importance for the country, were seriously damaged by the bombing, which fortunately spared the monumental center around the market and the cathedral.

The most famous monuments in Bremen are the Town Hall and the statue of Roland, in the market place. The Town Hall, built in the Gothic style in the early fifteenth century, was renovated in the style called Weser Renaissance in the early seventeenth century.

What to see in Bremen

These monuments are property protected by UNESCO, since they are a symbol of civic autonomy and market freedom in the Holy Roman Empire and also the facade of City Hall, is a fine example of the so-called Weser Renaissance. In the twentieth century it was adding a new wing to the old building, called New Town Hall.

Outside the town hall there is the famous statue of the Bremen Town Musicians, inspired by the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, formed by donkey, dog, cat and rooster. In the historical center the Böttcherstraße, coopers road, is one of the main attractions of the city and connects Martinstraße, the road along the river Weser, the Marktplatz, the market square, where in addition to the Town Hall also overlooks the Cathedral, an imposing building constructed in the Gothic style on a previous Romanesque church, dedicated to St. Peter. To visit the Schnoor, one of the most picturesque districts of old Bremen, among narrow streets and ancient houses, full of quaint shops.