Bruges travel, holidays and things to see in the city of Belgium

belfry museum with tower bruges
belfry museum with tower bruges

With its beautiful waterways and fabulous architecture, Bruges is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Guide Bruges

Often has been nicknamed the Venice of the North and the beautiful old town was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000. A medieval masterpiece and open-air museum where visitors can experience a rich blend of Flemish architecture, art and history , in the intervals tasting the excellent local cuisine served in fine restaurants.

Bruges at night is a very quiet day while its cobbled streets are crowded with tourists with cameras in tow to capture the medieval beauty in every corner. Are also carried out of the carriage rides, passing through the main square, adding an extra romantic charm to the city. The bell tower, which is the reference point of the market square, is the most popular attraction since it provides a spectacular view of the city.

Also worth visiting museums that contain many types of objects and masterpieces ranging from furniture to folklore. Other itineraries are boat trips along the canals of Bruges and walks around Burg Square, where the Basilica of the Holy Blood, which is said to contain the blood of Jesus Christ. Also reported are the Chocolate Museum, the Museum Friet and the brewery in the old town. Visitors of all ages and nationalities are galvanized by the beauty of the historic old town well preserved over time and this makes Bruges is a perfect destination for a cultural tourist route or trip to Europe.

Things to do in Bruges

Museum Belfry
In this museum, where they represent the history of the city, worthy of note is the climb on top of the Belfry tower 83 meters high from which to enjoy a breathtaking view of the city and the surrounding countryside. Very interesting the clock mechanism with a carillon consists of 47 bells, used in the past to organize life in medieval Bruges and to warn the public in advance in case of an enemy advance.

Church of Our Lady
After the Belfry Tower, this church dedicated to Our Lady, with its 122m high, is the most imposing building of Bruges and one of the finest. Inside the church, visitors can admire an incredible collection of art, including the famous Madonna and Child by Michelangelo, the tomb of Mary of Burgundy and that of Charles the Bold.

City Hall
Of this building, dating back to 1376, you can visit the council chamber on the first floor, with spectacular ceilings decorated and medieval sculptures.

Basilica of the Holy Blood
Located in the Burg Square, this basilica boasts two beautiful chapels, the Chapel of St. Basil, which dates back to 1100, and the Chapel of the Holy Blood, containing the sacred blood of Jesus Christ kept in a cylinder probably taken on a crusade to Jerusalem in 12 century, that every day is extracted to expose it to the adoration of the faithful. The basilica also has a small museum that exhibits ecclesiastical.

De Halve Maan Brewery
Belgium is famous for its beer, and this family brewery produces a range of traditional ales. And ‘the only brewery left in the old town, where a guided tour is conducted every day in various languages, which ends with a tasting of a free beer. From the top of this brewery has a great view that pays for itself the price of admission.

Once owned by the wealthy family Gruuthuse, this palace of the same name is now home to a museum, which includes tapestries, antique gold and machines of torture used in the Middle Ages. Hanging next to the entrance is the effigy of Charles II, who stayed here during his exile from Britain took place in 1650.

Lace Museum
This museum is dedicated to the ‘art of lace and lace, every afternoon demonstrations are made ​​regarding this ancient craft craftsmanship. Also you can take courses to learn this process. In the museum ticket lace is also included a visit to the adjacent Church of Jerusalem.

Choco Story
Dedicated to another great Belgian tradition, this museum traces the history of chocolate, starting from the time of the Mayans and Aztecs to modern production processes. The visit includes demonstrations of Chocolate and a shop to taste the products.
It is a museum themed on the development of Flemish, Belgian and Dutch over the centuries. The various collections include works by such luminaries as Jan van Eyck, Hieronymus Bosch and Marcel Broodthaers, as well as works from the Renaissance, Baroque and modern.

Hospital Museum
Dating back to the 13th century, the ‘Hospital of St. John is the oldest hospital in Europe. E ‘was turned into a museum where you can admire the fantastic wooden ceilings of the rooms where instruments are exposed hospital era.

XPO Salvador Dali
In this small gallery located below the Belfry Tower is a fantastic collection of paintings, drawings and sculptures of legendary surrealist Salvador Dali.