Bulgaria: guida and useful information for travel

bulgaria map
bulgaria map

Travel guide with practical information to go in Bulgaria, things to know to organize your holidays in this state of Europe.

Bulgaria in brief

  • Capital: Sofia
  • Surface area in square kilometers: 110,994
  • Population: 8.5 million
  • Christian Orthodox, Catholic and Muslim minorities
  • Where is Bulgaria

    Bulgaria is bordered to the north by Romania, on the south by Greece and Turkey to the west with Serbia and Macedonia to the east is washed by the Black Sea. Since 1990 there has been the transition from the previous regime of popular democracy to a pluralistic democracy.


    The northern part of the country in the area between the Danube and the Balkan chain is formed by a large plank flat intensely cultivated. Further south between the southern Balkan and Rhodope group extends another flat area crossed by the river Mariza.

    Rivers Bulgaria

    The most important river in Bulgaria is the Danube that marks the border with Romania. Since then highlight the Iskar river running through Sofia and flows into the Danube and the river Mariza which flows into the Aegean Sea.

    Climate Bulgaria

    Climate Bulgaria has continental features with cold winters in the interior and on the Mediterranean coast of the Black Sea.


    Density population Bulgaria is higher in the region of Sofia, in the valleys of the Danube and Mariza and is composed mostly of ethnic Bulgarians.


    Official language Bulgaria is Bulgarian, (written in Cyrillic), are also known Russian, German and English.

    Economy Bulgaria

    Bulgaria’s economy responds adequately to the requirements for entry into the European Union, took place on 1 January 2007.

    When to go to Bulgaria

    Depends on the type of holiday you want to do: cultural, with various movements, the best months are from May to September; type resort, on the Black Sea are fine summer months. In the mountains the snow the ideal months are from November to April.

    Identity card Bulgaria

    For entry Bulgaria need a passport or identity card valid for foreign travel. Italian citizens staying in the country for a period less than 90 days do not need an entry visa, more than 90 days need a visa issued by the local authorities. Citizens who belong to the European Union and Switzerland may stay in Bulgaria up to a maximum of 90 days within a semester, with only an identity card valid for foreign travel.


    International code to call Bulgaria: 00359


    The electric current is 220 volts with sockets German type.


    Official currency Bugarian is lev (BGN).