Cabo da Roca: the western extremity of Europe in Portugal

Excursion to Cabo da Roca, location described by the poet Camoes with the famous phrase here … where the land ends and the sea begins.

Tourism Cabo da Roca

Cabo da Roca is a protrusion of the coast of Portugal from wet Atlantic Ocean situated in the hamlet of Colares part of the town of Sintra belonging to the district of Lisbon. With these words the poets Luís Vaz de Camoes described this singular place: “Here … where the land ends and the sea begins”.

This poetic phrase is written on a stone monument built to celebrate this particular point that is also the ends of Western Europe.

Needless to say, Cabo de Roca is almost obligatory tourist destination with its unique location that allows you to watch the sea from a rocky coastline a hundred meters high and with its membership in the Sintra Cascais that encompasses a wide variety of species animals including cormorants, owls, peregrine falcons and seagulls.