Cairo tourism: what to visit in the capital of Egypt

bazar khan-el-khalili cairo
bazar khan-el-khalili cairo

Cairo is a very populated and growing town, even as tourism.

Guide Cairo

Capital of Egypt extends mostly on the right bank of the River Nile, about 20-25 km. South of the beginning of the delta area, characterized by the division of the river into two branches, Damietta and Rosetta. From the early 1800s to today, the village of the town has been extended on the left bank of the Nile and its islands Al Gezira and Al Roda, to encompass also the town of Giza, Heliopolis and Imbaba.

Cairo was founded in 969 AD by the Fatimid dynasty, in an aerial not far from the ancient capital of Memphis. The city reached its peak between the thirteenth and fifteenth century under the Mamluk dynasty, until the Turkish conquest that marked the beginning of a period of decline. Have to wait until the nineteenth century to a new phase of growth.

What to see in Cairo

At the center of the city is the Egyptian Museum, one of the most important museums in the world, home to prestigious and extraordinary examples of ancient Egyptian civilization.

The medieval old town coincides with the Islamic Cairo, a very extensive area in the center with the famous bazaar of Khan el Khalili, and near the El Azhar mosque, built in 970 AD

The mosque is a good example of medieval architecture cariota. It was enlarged over the centuries and today is one of the main centers of Islamic theology.

Dominant is the citadel, a fortress built in 1176 by ​​the Muslim leader Saladin. Appearing at the western terraces of the fortress you can enjoy a panoramic view. For the construction of the walls and towers were used the stone blocks of the Pyramids of Giza. The oldest part of the city corresponds to the Coptic Cairo.

It’s an area located within the walls of the Roman fortress of Babylon of the third century AD. Among the interesting places that are found in this area are to visit the greek Orthodox Church of St. George, the beautiful Church of the Virgin Mary, called The Suspended, because it seems to rest on the two Roman towers, and the Coptic Museum.

At a distance of about 20 km. From the center of Cairo is located in Giza, the necropolis of the ancient capital Memphis, home to important monuments such as the Sphinx and the Pyramid of Cheops, the largest of the pyramids in Egypt and the most famous of world.