Cala Gonone: holidays, cave sea cow Orosei Gulf

Holidays in Cala Gonone, where it is, marina, where to stay and eat, beaches and major creeks to see.

Travel guide Cala Gonone

Cala Gonone is located in the province of Nuoro in Sardinia from which it is separated by a stretch of road along just 8 km. The country is located on the hill that thins rapidly towards the sea in the Gulf of Orosei.

In Cala Gonone there is a marina, good reception where there are tourist hotels, family-run inns and a camping area with facilities for campers.

Cala Gonone is a popular destination in Sardinia with beautiful beaches, mild climate all year round and warm, characterized by a low degree of humidity thanks to winds of Mistral, expiring frequently, have a beneficial influence, thanks to the strong gusts that bounce the mountains surrounding the gulf and create, in this way, a beneficial effect of uniform cleaning air.

In Cala Gonone there are several accommodations including guest houses and hotels. The picturesque coves nearby, including Cala Cala Fuili Cartoe and can be reached by boat or on foot through paths.

Very interesting to visit is the Grotta del Bue Marino, starting from the coast, penetrates into the mountain for several kilometers to the place where he found refuge a magnificent example of the monk seal, an animal species now sadly endangered.