Calgary: visit the gateway to the Rocky Mountains

What to see in Calgary, where he is, lifestyles, major attractions and itinerary of places to visit in the city of Canada.

Travel Guide Calgary

Calgary is located at the point where the vast Canadian prairie meets the jagged snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains. His young glittering skyscrapers rise out of the oldest areas of the suburbs and seem oddly superimposed on this incredibly varied landscape. In addition to being the gateway to the Rocky Mountains, Calgary has become a tourist destination autonomous.

Each year attracts many tourists with the feast of Calgary Stampede where participants must wear a cowboy hat. This is why many have likened the Calgary today in Dallas in Canadian version. As those of Dallas in fact, even the people of Calgary will show usually confident, showing some equipped with cowboy hat in the city, especially businessmen.

Also there are taverns noisy to eat thick steaks and clubs where dance to country music. For these and many other factors related to lifestyle, the reality towns of Calgary and Dallas are very similar to each other with an economy that has developed above all, in both cases, thanks to the presence of important giagimenti petroleum.

Things to do in Calgary

Calaway Park: the largest amusement park in Western Canada, has over 30 rides including a carousel traditional, bumper cars, the ship swinging Ocean Motion and rollercoasters The Vortex. Among the latest addition to the park deserves special mention Mind Blaster, where participants are literally tied in carriages circular and thrown in every direction possible so it is advisable not to go up after eating. Are also held musical theater performances.

Calgary Tower: from this tower, which stands among the skyscrapers located in the city center with its 191 meters high, you can admire a circular city, including the surrounding meadows and rocky mountains. It ‘a revolving restaurant, the Sky 360, to relax by eating something and enjoy the magnificent view.

Calgary Zoo: located on the picturesque island of San Giorgio, contains over 1,000 animals divided into 300 different species, left, as far as possible in their natural environment. Are possible close encounters with cougars, grizzly bears and mountain goats. The section called Destination Africa includes gorillas, giraffes and zebras, while the exhibition Eurasia houses Siberian tigers, snow leopards, red pandas and Asian elephants.

Botanical Garden: covers about 6 hectares and in it are the butterfly garden and the garden rainforest with waterfalls.

Prehistoric Park: there are 22 reproductions of life-size dinosaurs.

Canada Olympic Park: This park, which was created on the occasion of the winter games in 1988, you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding, luge and bobsled try. There are also 25 km of mountain bike trails.

Fort Calgary Historic Park: this fort dates back to 1875, but today you can only visit its reconstruction within a 16-hectare park. Through artifacts, audiovisual displays and walks along the river shows the basic features of the development of Calgary. E ‘can also try a uniform and a prison cell. In Deane House Historic Site & Restaurant, historic building, there is a restaurant.

Glenbow Museum: Built in 1960, this museum houses an extraordinary collection that celebrates the Canadian West, including indigenous art, native crafts, furs and trade shows. In a permanent gallery shows the traditions and history of the people.

Heritage Park Historical Village: in this historic village, which covers a total of 52 hectares including the theme park, is recreated life in the Canadian West before 1914. Included in it more than 150 restored buildings, each running as part of a specific type community with the costume. E ‘can be carried by a steam locomotive, a ride on a Ferris wheel vintage and take historical tram. The adjacent Gasoline Alley Museum exhibits an extensive collection of vintage cars.

TELUS Spark Science Centre which houses four main galleries, Being Human, Earth and Sky, Open Studio and Energy and Innovation. There is also a Creative Kids Museum with interactive programs for children and a park with outdoor cinema hd, theater and places of learning.