Camaldoli: visit the hermitage of the park Monte Falterona

What to see in Camaldoli, history of the monastery, pharmacy, guest hermitage founded by St. Romuald in the heart of the forest Casentino.

Guided tours Camaldoli

Ancient spiritual center wrapped in a fascinating landscape, the ‘Hermitage of Camaldoli is a place where history and prayer blend. The National Park of Monte Falterona, Campigna and the Casentino Forests, in the heart of Tuscany in the province of Arezzo, is this very ancient spiritual center, including the monastery, at an altitude of 818 meters above sea level, el ‘hermitage that rises higher and higher, to 1104 meters above sea level.

Wrapped in this fascinating and lush forest grove, the two nuclei have origins dating back to the beginning of the eleventh century, when it came to these places the pious monaco Romualdo, founder of the Camaldolese congregation ‘s Order of St. Benedict, who built the Hermitage and reorganized the hospice.

The monks have always occupied the forest, protecting and enriching it, until 1866 when the area was taken over by the State Property State. The architectural complex collects the ancient Hospice or Foresteria, the Church, the Monastery of Camaldoli, the sixteenth century, and the ancient Pharmacy. Very striking is the road that climbs up to the Hermitage, located inside the forest about 3 kilometers from the monastery.