Canada suggested itineraries: story of a journey

Tale of a tourist route from a traveler with details of places to visit and details of the distances traveled in the movements.

Story of a journey in canada

In July of this year I was in Canada convinced by some of my friends who had stayed there the year before and were left excited. I booked all over the internet with the intention of going to visit especially the Quebec that is, according to many, and as I have seen in person, one of the most beautiful areas. I took the direct flight from Milan to Montreal and landed in Montreal I took the car hire booked. I found a climate similar to ours at the same time, maybe two or at most three degrees less.

As a first step I will stop in Montreal of charge, in the beautiful downtown hotel l ‘Hotel Plateau Royale, located in the heart of the bustling district of Plateau in an ideal location for exploring this fascinating and romantic cities. The city of Montréal is a big city at the mouth of the St. Lawrence River where the population, although mostly of French origin, speaks English very well.

Very nice all the old harbor area, with Cartier square animated by small restaurants, stalls and street performers. Two bridges make the connection with the island of Santa Elena and Our Lady where the circular building of the biosphere that is dedicated to water, including all of Canada is very rich, Drapeau Park and the famous circuit which hosts Formula 1 motor racing.

In the center of the city are the massive shopping malls and soaring skyscrapers. For a beautiful view of the city with the St. Lawrence River I was advised by the hotel staff to go on the hill of Mont Royal, from which I took great photos with my digital camera omnipresent.

Other interesting places are the Olympic park built for the Olympics held in Montreal in 1976, the botanical garden with numerous greenhouses created to simulate climates of all regions of the world, the reserve of Kahnawake Iroquois Indians. The third day I decide to leave Montreal and walk towards Quebec city along a road with little traffic that passes through beautiful landscapes.

As I walk away from Montreal nature becomes more lush with a relentless succession of small countries made up a few houses of wood and stone. Without even realizing it, thanks to the pleasure of the journey, arriving in Quebec and easily find my hotel Auberge du Littoral where I presented accommodation with car parking. The historic center is formed by an upper part and a lower part of the city.

The upper part, which is surrounded by walls, shows the influence of French architectural species in his castle Chateau Frontenac which is its symbol. Along a wooden walkway called terrasse Dufferin, running from place d’armes where the castle stands, arrival at the Citadelle, where the Canadian military headquarters and where you can watch the changing of the typical guardia.Uscito walls’m going to see an exhibition of works by local artists in the Museum of Quebec.

Next, to save time, I step on the funicular railway in rue Petit Champlin, which includes shops and restaurants very characteristic. Arrival then the old port where I ask information for excursions to the island of Orleans and Montmorency Falls to be made the next day.

After the stay in Old Quebec, I get back in the car and head to Baie St. Catherines, a small town at the entrance of the Saguenay Fjord and near the town of Tadoussac, where a boat trip I could see one of the whales that live in the bay. My journey ends here but I was really pleased with the Canada and recommend it to everyone.