Cannes: what to see, route from the waterfront to the castle

What to see in Cannes, general information, film festival, the main attractions and itinerary of the places of interest to visit.

Travel Guide Cannes

Cannes is located on the Cote d’Azur in southern France, is well known internationally for the Film Festival which is held in the month of May, at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, near Rue d’Antibes, an elegant avenue with magnificent windows of jewelry and other luxury shops, exclusive hotels and Boulevard de la Croisette, the street parallel to Rue d’Antibes and the city’s waterfront. The transformation of the city from a small fishing village to a luxury vacation spot you have the interest of Lord Broughan, chancellor of England who moved to Cannes in 1834, enchanted by the beauty of the place.

What to visit in Cannes

The original core of Cannes overlooking the old harbor, on the height, coincides with the area where you find Piazza Suquet, the walls, the cathedral, and the remains of the castle, where there is also the Musée de la Castre, initially a military fortress, later a noble residence of the abbots of Lerins, long remained lords of Cannes, from the name of the two islands that are located in front of the town.

Island of Saint Honorat, named after the Holy monaco who founded a monastery on the island, in the midst of eucalyptus trees and vineyards, in the stillness and silence, still live some monks who follow the rule ora et laborat. The island Sainte Marguerite is famous for the Fort that was used in the past as a prison and which was inspired the legend of Man in the Iron Mask. These islands are important both from a naturalistic point of view and from that of archeology.