Canterbury: what to see, ancient cathedral and Travel

Help turisitca Canterbury to visit, what to visit and the history of the ancient Cathedral of this city of England in the county of Kent.

Where is Canterbury

Canterbury is a city located in Kent, a county in southern England to the south-east of London, with a population of about 45,000 inhabitants. In ancient times, this place was a village until it became a town in 560 where St Augustine in 597 founded the first Christian diocese mail in the UK and completed his generous work of evangelization with the baptism of the King of Kent.

What to see in Canterbury

Canterbury Cathedral is one of the oldest Christian churches in England and a very significant piece of history of the Church before the British Anglican reform. In Canterbury Cathedral, Archbishop Thomas Becket was murdered in 1170 guilty of not having signed the ” Assize of Clarendon “with which King Henry II Plantagenet claims the power of the church of England.

After the murder of Becket cathedral became a place of pilgrimage Catholic. This beautiful cathedral was founded in 597 with the arrival from Rome of his first Archbishop Agostino. In the centuries colso Canterbury Cathedral was rebuilt many times since the first building was destroyed in a major fire in 1067 after which it was adopted for the reconstruction of the Romanesque style. Currently the most interesting part of this church is made up of a large Romanesque crypt built in 1100.