Canyon: definition and meaning of the term

canyon de chelly
canyon de chelly

What does canyon, some typical examples and where they are, how they are formed.

Meaning of Canyon

The term canyon is indicated, in geography, having a deep valley with steep walls resulting from the erosion caused by the river or a stream that “dig” their bed in the rocks with the generation of very narrow valleys.

Some examples of canyon in Italy are the Vajont ravine above the town of Longarone in Veneto and throat Pazin in Friuli Venezia Giulia, where the river Foiba with a jump of more than 130 meters sinks along a canyon along nearly 20 km.

The Canyon de Chelly is located in northeastern Arizona within the Navajo Indian reservation.
Near the town of Chinle is the entrance to the park, with an area surrounding semi-desert and unexpectedly monotonous until you get to see two magnificent canyon that include along their walls numerous ruins of Indian origin who are to testify the importance of this area in the last twenty centuries.

The park consists of the Canyon de Chelly and Canyon del Muerto which were excavated in the Central Plateau of Defiance from Rio de Chelly and the Rio del Muerto, is at a variable height of around two thousand meters with a depth sometimes exceeding even the three hundred meters.

The Grand Canyon of Arizona is considered one of the finest in the United States and the world. With a length of over 400 km in width variable it is declared a national park. It consists of a wide gorge created by the flow of the Colorado River, whose waters have eroded the sedimentary layers of soil and rocks over time, we speak of millions of years.