Cape Town: visit the capital of South Africa, what to see

cape town
cape town

Travel Guide Cape Town, journey to discover the monuments, main attractions and itinerary of places to visit.

Travel in Cape Town

Cape Town or Cape Town is the legislative capital of South Africa, is located at the northern end of the Cape Peninsula, in the south-west of the African continent. Make flights to Cape Town is always very interesting from the point of view of tourism, since this city is located in a beautiful scenic location, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean at the foot of the Tafelberg and with many scenic and cultural attractions that make the point base for the major tours of South Africa Southern.

The city center is located in a depression in the middle of a set of surveys, including the famous Tafelberg (Table Mountain), which comes with the front facing the city and the flat top.

The top of the mountain is often shrouded by a blanket of clouds that, by analogy with the name of the mountain (table mountain), is called the table cloth (table cloth).

The top of the mountain can be reached from the town by a cable car that allows you to admire the beautiful view. The complex pads which includes the Tafelberg is also formed by the peaks, Lion’s Head (Lion Head), Devil’s Peak (Peak of the Devil), Twelve Apostles (Twelve Apostles) and Signal Hill (Signal Hill).

Cape Town was founded in the late seventeenth century by the Dutch, who made the first European settlement in South Africa. It was the point of call and supply for merchants and settlers, who found refuge here and fertile land to cultivate.

Today Cape Town is a mix of cultures and architecture, come down to us through its unique and troubled history, who made ​​sure that the city was mentioned for the Apartheid, but also for being the place where Nelson Mandela, after his release in February 1990, he made the first public speech decreeing the end of apartheid and the beginning of a process, still under way, by the total overshoot of racial segregation.

What to see in Cape Town

Government Adderley, is the street where you overlook most of the historic buildings and museums.

In the area of Central it is the place where Jan van Riebeeck landed, and the Castle of Good Hope, the oldest building in the city, built between 1666 and 1679.

The Malay Quarter of Bo-Kaap, a neighborhood with many mosques and low houses of the early nineteenth century, painted in bright colors.

The pier of the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront is one of the most famous places of the city, where you can visit the Maritime Museum and the interesting Two Oceans Aquarium.

Located on the east side of Table Mountain, the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, it is a green area of 530 hectares where they grow almost 10,000 species of plants.