Cape Verde holidays: what to visit, travel stories

cape verde holidays
cape verde holidays

Diary of Cape Verde travel stories and opinions of a traveler on vacation in the white beaches of this archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean with the capital Praia.

Sal Island

Sal, also known as the island of the rooms have large salt deposits exploited since ancient times, it covers an area mostly flat for about 216 square kilometers and is surrounded by a sea with very beautiful water color tones that compensates the arid nature of the land. Although at first glance looks rather bleak Sal is the main tourist hub of the archipelago thanks in part to the presence of the international airport of Espargos Almicar Cabral and numerous hotel complexes on the beautiful beach of Santa Maria. To visit the island it took me a day using a rented car with this local company with an office within the hotel Morabeza, where I stayed in the village of Santa Maria.

I found it very well at this hotel which is the oldest of Sal and offers a bar and restaurant with free availability of beach chairs and umbrellas. I visited Santa Maria where the cultural center Aldeiamento Turistico de Moroerira located in an old restored Portuguese and a lively market for African products, especially of Senegal, through a picturesque narrow streets that overlook the sea. On the beach of white sand is a quaint wooden jetty which is also used by fishermen to move with their small boats.

A Buracona I saw the natural pool that is the opening to an underwater cave where the rocks of volcanic eruptions that occurred in ancient testify terminated at sea. I liked very much the old salt pans of Pedra de Lume, located inside the crater of an inactive volcano, characterized by thousands of colorful shades due to the many minerals present result of a very slow evaporation of water.

Islands Santiago and Boavista

After I visited the island of Sal, in my wanderings, the two islands of Santiago and Boavista for which I had to use the plane, since there are no regular services for transport by sea.

– L ‘island Santiago you can not see everything in one day, in a limited time we can do it only a rough idea. Although volcanic looks less bleak than Sal, thanks to the presence of more water resources, and this is characterized by the presence of green areas enclosed by steep rocks located in narrow valleys. In Santiago is the capital of Cape Verde, Praia which means beach. Praia is the largest city of Cape Verde and the main tourist attraction, the commercial port and with the presence of one of the two international airports.

The center of this city is located on a plateau of limited size called for this Platò and the surrounding area are located Cidade Velha, Porto Gouveia, Puerto Mosquito, Santa Ana. At the square Alexandre de Albuquerque, are old buildings dating back to the colonial period including the ‘Igreja Matriz, the Palacio de Justiça, the Câmara Municipal.

Continuing along the main street Avenida Cabral arrival at the bustling market town where it is practiced mainly selling fruit, vegetables and exotic glass jars with ancient remedies to cure diseases. A few kilometers from Praia are the remains of Ribeira Grande, an ancient city from the modern name of Cidade Velha, with its cathedral da Sé, the marble column of Pelourinho, where the slaves were punished rebels and the convent of San Francesco with neighboring Factory ancient liquor Grogue.

– L ‘island of Boavista, also called sand island is instead characterized by the presence of the desert of Viana, with area of about six square kilometers, white dunes and lush oases. The legend has it that the name comes from the cry of relief (good view) done by a sailor who sighted this island when it was believed almost lost during a raging storm. Along the perimeter of this island I met lots of really beautiful beaches with clear sea of ​​an intense blue color.

I visited the desert of Viana, the beautiful beach of Praia Santa Monica Curalinho dubbed by some American tourists because of the similarity with the famous Californian beach, the ancient settlement of English origin Povoação Velha with colorful houses, the beach of Praia Curalinho that unspoiled stretches for 20 kilometers an absolute peace.