Capri: guide to visit, things to see in one day

Guide Capri, what to see in this island of Campania, history and excursions to do in a day.

Visiting Capri

The island of Capri is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, in the south of the Gulf of Naples, opposite the Sorrento peninsula, only 5 Km. From Punta Campanella. Karst, the island of Capri in the past was linked to the mainland by the Sorrento Peninsula but was partially submerged by the sea that decreed the separation by means of what is now called the Strait of Bocca Piccola.

Its territory consists of two plateaus, united by a central valley. To the west the plateau of Anacapri dominated from the tip more ‘high island, Monte Solaro 589 m. and east the plateau that culminates with Mount Tiberio 334 m.

On the north side of the island, facing the Gulf of Naples is Marina Grande with the port and on the south, the bay of Marina Piccola. The coast has very lively high and rugged coastline, full of beautiful caves and faced by towering cliffs.

A Capri were found evidence of primitive man, in particular in the Cave of the Ferns were made ​​finds from the Neolithic period up to ETA ‘Bronze. An era notable history of Capri was the Roman one.

The presence of two important emperors, Augustus Caesar and his successor Tiberius, contribute ‘to a large architectural development of the island, were built the port, the water system, farms and beautiful imperial villas, of which today remain some remains.

At the end of the Roman Empire, the island, which was part of the State of Naples, for a time he was also under Amalfi, became the target of raids and looting by pirates, and so it was for many centuries despite the succession of dynasties , Angevin, Aragonese, Spanish and Bourbon.

In early 1800, the French occupied the island, removing the British that some time before they had conquered. The French were in Capri until the collapse of the Napoleonic empire and the Bourbon restoration. In the nineteenth century the island was the destination of the first travelers who appreciated the special beauty.

Beginning with the 1900 major writers, poets and painters have stayed there, hit by the spectacular nature and welcoming attitude of the locals, up to the great tourist development of the fifties that made Capri famous in the world.

What to see in Capri in a day

With a trend jagged, the coast is characterized by caves and rocky coves, alternating with steep cliffs. Do not miss a visit to the Blue Grotto, whose name comes from the fact that sunlight makes blue sea water in it, to be made ​​by means of a small rowboat.

The cliffs of Capri, another beauty of the island, are the small islands of rock, located a few meters from the shore, return to the viewer who admire them from the shore a great visual effect. As for the flora, there are rare species such as the lizard of the Faraglioni that lives right on one of the rocks just mentioned, while as regards the vegetation it is Mediterranean with presence mainly of agaves, prickly pears and gorse. Suggestive also the boat tour of the island, secluded bays and hidden coves.

Excursions island of Capri to do

– Natural Arch, along the path that provides beautiful scenic lookout, are the Pizzolungo Cave and Matermania.

– Monte Solaro, the highest point ‘top of the island from where you can’ enjoy the unique landscape, the way you can ‘do on foot or by chairlift.

– Belvedere Migliera, a magnificent vantage point which is on the area of the lighthouse, also you can see the ruins of some imperial villas like Villa Jovis and Villa Damecuta. The Charterhouse of San Giacomo, which dates back to 1371, now houses a museum and a school, as well as the Municipal Library.

– Capri, Anacapri and Marina Grande are the main towns of this island that are located on one side, while on the other hand, especially in Marina Piccola, the population is poor but currently being expanded due to strong speculation of recent years.