Caribbean holiday travel guide and tourism, where to go

Caribbean travel guide, travel and holidays in countries and islands washed by the Caribbean Sea or the Caribbean also called the Sea of the Antilles.

Caribbean vacation

The Caribbean is a region wide, long 3000 km and 1800 km wide, located in the Atlantic Ocean west, limited to the north and east dall’arcipelago of the Greater and Lesser Antilles, west and south from the coast of ‘ Central America between the Punta Penas of Venezuela and Catoche Yucatan.

It ‘a basin subsidence, divided into two parts by an audience that extends underwater from Nicaragua to Jamaica. To the northwest, reaching maximum depth with the Cayman Trench where are reached 7680 meters.

It ‘an area prone to frequent cyclones and hurricanes. More than a few people who consider going to the Caribbean one of the best alternatives for beach holidays.

In fact, in this area of ​​the globe, the sea is clean and deep blue, the sandy beaches are very white and the pace of life is very relaxed.

Fall in the Caribbean islands and all the states on the mainland wet eponymous sea. Among the most popular places for international tourists fall Cuba and Santo Domingo, where the beauty of the beaches joins a rich history and traditions, but this absolutely does not want to say that every other island or Caribbean nation does not deserve to be discovered and visited.