The Catalan Cliff: excursion in marine protected

Guide to the Catalan Cliff, renowned for the beauty of the seabed, where to look magnificent specimens of marine fauna.

Diving to the Catalan Cliff

To the south west of the island of Mal di Ventre in Sardinia is the rock of Catalan, integral reserve the marine protected area. The rock of Catalan is a rocky body of volcanic origin, located about 12 miles west of Cape San Marco with a large circular 700 meters and a maximum height of 12m above sea level.

Devoid of vegetation, home to numerous species of seabirds that nest on the rock and feed the fish in the surrounding sea. Some dry present south, emerge from the sea like rocks.

Looking at the rocky seabed in front of the rock are noticed features forms that testify to the volcanic origin with vertical walls, columns, gullies, arches and caves of various sizes.

With a variety of backdrops, this stretch of sea is particularly suitable for diving enthusiasts. Then there are also many rocky ravines where the entrance you can admire specimens of marine life as parazooanthus, sponges and shellfish.

Not far from the rock of the Catalan are soft corals, red coral, grouper, all enclosed in a large marine protected area within a radius of 1 km.