Cayo Largo: holidays and what to do in the island of the Caribbean

General information for travel to the Caribbean island of Cayo Largo, where it is, characteristics of the area, what to do and what to see during a relaxing holiday.

Travel Guide Cayo Largo

The island of Cayo Largo is situated in the Caribbean Sea, just to the east of the island of Youth, west of Cuba. Cayo Largo is considered a natural paradise for those who want to isolate themselves from the world when on holiday.

Virgin island for lovers of nature and wildlife, with a preference of location untapped in terms of tourism.

So nothing hectic nightlife, shopping and great restaurants. Only tranquility and relaxed atmosphere but without great comfort with the possibility to practice naturism on the beautiful beaches are still virgin.

What to do in Cayo Largo

The sea is crystal clear and warm weather all year round, why Cayo Largo is one of the most visited islands of Cuba, the ideal place for those who love the sea as a holiday destination and find the quiet to relax.

The beaches extend for about 25 km and offer of very beautiful natural landscapes. In this island have arisen over the years numerous resorts that offer full board at reasonable prices.

And ‘offered a wide range of sporting activities including diving, horse riding, sailing, surfing and wind-surfing. The language spoken is Spanish officially.