Cefalu: what to see, attractions and places to visit

What to see in Cefalu, attractions and places to visit in this ancient town in Sicily situated in the Madonie Park.

Attractions Cefalu

The town of Cefalu is 70 km. From Palermo, stands on a promontory and a slight slope at the foot of a cliff that descends sharply to the sea, in a very suggestive for the extraordinary contrast between sea and rock. Cefalù is part of Madonie Park, is a seaside resort and is ranked among the most beautiful villages in Italy.

The city was ruled by the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Normans, and it was in this period that the city was enriched with beautiful monuments including the cathedral, the most beautiful of Sicily and ordered by Roger II in 1131, also has a significant adjacent Cloister, the Church of St. George, the wash of Via Vittorio Emanuele, the Palazzo Maria, located in Piazza Duomo, the ‘Great Osterio on Corso Ruggero, a fortified palace which, according to tradition, was the residence of the Ruggero.

Places to Visit in Cefalu

Belonged to the lineage of Ventimiglia in 1300, now serves as an exhibition space for tourism and culture. The Cathedral of Cefalu, tells a legend, was built following a vow made ​​by Roger II king of Sicily, for surviving a shipwreck that he did find on the banks of Cefalu.

But other than that you think actually that the original function of the building was that of the fortress to defend against attacks from the sea. The construction of the Cathedral of Cefalu dates back to 1131, the façade is characterized by two imposing towers not twins, with mullioned windows and cuspiti pyramid on top.

Very nice on the porch of 1400 with three arches supported on four columns. The plant’s internal type of a Latin cross, with three naves separated from each other by two rows of columns, some pink granite cipolin with other related bases and capitals.