Centre region of France: what to see, places to visit

What to see in the Centre region of France, attractions and places to visit in this region of central France, castles, forests, rivers and ponds.

Attractions Centre region of France

The Centre, commonly known as the French Centre, is divided into six departments with capital Orleans. The most important cities besides Orleans Tours and Bourges. The climate of this region, being continental, characterized by cold winters involves not rare snowfall, in the summer the temperatures are mild. The locations of the French Centre are characterized by having impressive cathedrals which, together with the Loire Castles, represent a remarkable testament to the bright past.

The cathedral Notre-Dame de Chartres is one of the largest in France, a symbol of Gothic art, dating back to the thirteenth century. Since 1979 it has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site by Unesco for the great artistic value and its famous 176 windows. The Renaissance Chambord Castle, located in the middle of a forest, was ordered by King Francis I who entrusted the progettazzione to Leonardo da Vinci, the author of the beautiful helical staircase.

Places to visit in the Centre region of France

The Centre region is also famous for the production of quality cheeses, made ​​with goat’s milk, among which deserve to be remembered the Sainte-Maure, Selles-sur-Cher and Crottin de Chavignol. Not to forget the famous wines, among which the most famous are the Bourgueil, Chinon, Vouvray and Sancerre.

Music lovers will not miss the annual festival held in Bourges in April with the presence of about 200 artists, including rookies and already known to the general public. The Centre region has a rich history and is famous for the beautiful Loire castles that attract visitors from around the world.

Then there are also beautiful parks and gardens surrounded by unspoiled nature where successive forests, rivers, ponds and vineyards. In the Loiret is the largest forest, that of Orleans over the Abbey of Saint Benoit sur Loire, a magnificent testimony of Roman art along with other important architectural works. The Indre et Loire is known for its prestigious castles including those of Amboise and Chenonceau.