Champagne: what to see in the region of France

What to see in Champagne Ardenne, visit the region of France where natural environment, cultural tourism and local cuisine come together.

Guide Champagne Ardenne

The Champagne Ardenne region is famous for the wines sparkling, to devote to all special occasions. It’s wonderful land to explore, and you can do it by taking the road of Champagne along which there are many villages with unique charm where there are cellars prestigious specialized in the production of Champagne.

Among the major attractions of the Champagne region within the Palazzo Ducale in Charleville Mezieres, the fortress of Sedan, the forests of the Ardennes Thierache with many fortified churches. To see the Argonne Decouverte Park which hosts many outdoor activities for all ages.

The Haute-Marne, the district located in the southern part of the region, has a rich architectural heritage rich in history, who handed down to the present day the glittering past. From here have gone by the De Gaulle, the famous French general, and philosophers like Voltaire and Diderot.

In this area there are breathtaking natural landscapes, forests alternating with slightly undulating plains, rich with trails for walking for a healthy walk in the outdoors.

Do not forget a visit to the lakes of Paysde Langres and Der, ideal for fans of fishing and water sports. Troyes, in the department of Aube, is a medieval town with ten churches that constitute a religious treasure of great value.

The landscape of Aube is composed of vines, forests and hills connected by picturesque champagne trail, where visiting the wineries that produce the classic champagne and present large lakes, which are suitable for sports, in addition to the charming churches, where you can admire the beautiful wooden beams.

Low in the Marne, renowned worldwide for the excellent Champagne, there are many spectacular buildings of architectural value, such as those of the city of Reims and Chalons en Champagne, the churches of the Pays du Der and Ardre valley, and the wonderful Epine church, erected in the basilica. The lake Der-Chantecoq, which is the largest lake in Europe, is indicated for boating enthusiasts.