Charles Bridge: between Stare Mesto and Mala Strana in Prague

charles bridge prague
charles bridge prague

The Charles Bridge, which is one of the symbols of Prague by definition, connects the historic city districts of Stare Mesto and Mala Strana.

History and statues of Charles Bridge

Work to build the Charles Bridge began in the reign of Charles IV, in the second half of the fourteenth century, and fuorono completed in the first half of the next century, during the sovereignty of Wenceslas IV.

Over the centuries, and the catastrophic floods of the river Vltava, have put a strain on the Charles Bridge, two arches were riscostruite the late 1800s.

This bridge, intended only to pedestrians, measuring 516 meters long and 10 wide, firmly supported well over 16 pillars. Watch over the bridge the two mighty towers on either side, as in the past this complex was part of the fortifications of Prague.

The monumental Gothic part of the Charles Bridge is softened and enlivened by what could be called a veritable gallery of outdoor sculptures.

It was from 1657 that began the placement of statues and sculptures on the parapets of the bridge. Most of the statues are now replaced by copies to preserve the originals from degradation, essendon these made of sandstone, a material that is particularly subject to degradation of the weather. The original statues are on the Lapidary of the National Museum in Prague.

The statue of Santa Lutgard is the most prestigious, work that reproduces San Filippo Benizzi, the only one to have been carved in marble, while the only bronze statue is that of St. John of Nepomuk, located half bridge. A prominent place between the sixth and seventh pillar, indicating the exact spot where the saint was brought down violently into the river.

Hebrew inscription, near the sculptural group of Calvary, recalls the sacrilegious act of a blasphemer jew, while a scroll, located beneath the nineteenth-century statue of St. Francis Seraphic, reports the transcription of a verse from Psalm 90.

In the vicinity of the bridge, Kampa Island, is the Pillar of Rolando, copy made in 1800 from an original sixteenth century.

The Charles Bridge is one of the hubs around which the tourist life of Prague, an endless stream of visitors flock to him at all hours of the day, along with artisans and street performers that offer the fruits of their labor.

The towers of Mala Strana, delimit the bridge towards the homonymous district, the tower height lower, dating from the late twelfth century, was part of the Judith Bridge. The main tower, the fifteenth century, was built by Jiri from Podebrady in the same spot where he was an old Romanesque tower.