Chiang Mai: what to see between medieval walls, temples, villages

phra-singh temple chiang-mai
phra-singh temple chiang-mai

What to see in Chiang Mai, journey to discover the Buddhist culture, temples and museums, excursions to ancient mountain villages.

Guide to Chiang Mai

Gateway to the hill in northern Thailand, Chiang Mai has grown well beyond its medieval walls, but the atmosphere in its narrow streets still evokes the glory of the great dynasties Thai. Today, ancient temples and traditional wooden houses divide the space city with shops, hotels, trendy restaurants and stylish cafes.

Among the thing to do in Chiang they are very interesting the trekking excursions in the mountains to the villages of the ancient tribes, excursion a back of an elephant or through the rainforest, mountain biking, rafting, climbing .

Many people choose on staying in Chiang Mai, immersing himself in the Buddhist culture, learning to do massage, practicing meditation and taking a Thai cooking class at one of the many schools available.

What to see in Chiang Mai

National Museum of Chiang Mai
In this museum is a wonderful collection of Buddha statues, works of art and historical artifacts. In addition projections are made of contemporary history and you can also admire a collection of religious art whose works sum up what you can see in other temples and monasteries citizens, with sculptures, statues and ceremonial objects.

Chiang Mai Zoo
Set in attractive gardens, at the foot of Doi Suthep Mountain, this impressive zoo contains more than 7,000 birds, elephants, lions, giraffes, tigers and giant pandas. In addition there is also a giant aquarium.

Tribal Museum
Before visiting one of the tribal villages near Chiang Mai, it is worth making a stop in this interesting museum located on the northern outskirts of the city. Housed in a modern pagoda, the Tribal Museum overlooking a lake surrounded by trees and includes an exhibition of handicrafts, jewelry, costumes, tools and utensils ceremonial Thai tribes of the north. This provides a valuable record of the customs and traditions of the indigenous peoples of the hills.

Wat Chedi Luang
This temple terracotta color faded, previously covered with bronze plates decorated in gold leaf, I host the famous Emerald Buddha for 80 years before the statue was moved to Bangkok.

Wat Chiang Man
The construction of the city’s oldest temple, Wat Chiang Man, dates from the reign of King Mengrai, founder of Chiang Mai in 1296. With its tiered roof and golden inserts on the facade, is a wonderful example of the architecture of northern Thailand The roof of the main prayer hall is supported by a series of huge columns, each carved from the trunk of a tree of teak. Inside a small chapel next to the main entrance are two of the most famous images of Buddha. Phra Sila is a marble statue from Sri Lanka or India, while the Phra Setangamani, crystal Buddha, was brought back and forth, for some centuries, between Thailand and Laos from rival dynasties.

Wat Phra Singh
Fine example of traditional architecture Lanna in Chiang Mai, Wat Phra Singh is named after the statue venerated Lion Buddha placed inside the Wiharn, the prayer room in the back of the monastery. The statue is said that she was taken in Thailand from Sri Lanka. The walls are richly decorated with angels in plaster, mosaics made of glass tiles and murals of Thai legends. Moreover, the complex also contains an elegant library mezzanine.

Wat U Mong
Located in a forest considered sacred in Thailand, this temple is a secluded haven for local Buddhists who come here to escape the bustle of the city. Founded in the 14th century, the temple is said to have been built for a monaco seer but troubled in spirit, who had a tendency to wander into the forest to meditate.