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Chile Travel Guide with all the things to know to organize trips and vacations in this country in South America.

Useful information for traveling in chile

Chile is a Republic of South America with the capital Santiago and speaking Spanish. It is bordered to the north by Peru, to the east with Bolivia and Argentina, occupies a long narrow territory between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes, corresponding to about 4200 km in the direction of latitude, and about 180 km of medium in the sense of the longitude.

Geography of Chile

Chile is a country of great beauty with attractions ranging from the volcanic peaks of the Andes down to the ancient forests of the Lake District. There are many natural parks and many opportunities for adventure travel. Chile is famous around the world for the natural destination of the Torres del Paine, one of the best in South America.

The Paine massif is a small mountain range, part of the National Park Torres del Paine located in the Chilean Patagonia, 400 km north of Punta Arenas and more than 2,500 km south of the capital Santiago. The top elevation is greater for the Cerro Paine Grande which reaches 2,750 meters above sea level, while the best known for their exceptional features are the three Torres del Paine as the giants of granite have been shaped over time by the force of the wind and of ice. Sur La Torre Di Agostini, 2,500 meters high, is the largest of the three.

Climate of Chile

Being very wide latitude in Chile has different climatic conditions with a temperate climate prevailing.

Islands of Chile

Chile also belong to the Pacific Islands, Islas Desventuradas, Juan Fernandez and Easter Island, located in Oceania, as well as the islands of the Beagle Canal including those of Picton, Nueva and Lennox.


The western side of the mighty chain of the Andes, dominates the whole territory of the country, and develops near the coast in an array called lower Cordillera of the Coast, between the two allinementi mountainous stretches a long depression in the central part, is widens and forms the Central Valley or Valley of Chile, a fertile area which is home to most of the population of the country located in the main urban areas of Santiago, Valparaiso and ConcepciĆ³.

Antofagasta Region

At the northern end of Chile, in the region of Antofagasta, is located in the Atacama Desert, one of the driest areas of the world, from the very spectacular natural scenery and the mineral-rich soil. The largest open pit copper mine in the world, the mine of Chuquicamata, is located in this region, which also houses the important Paranal Observatory, located on Cerro Paranal, in the Atacama Desert.

From the point of view of tourism in this area is very visited the town of San Pedro de Atacama and the archaeological museum Gustavo Le Paige, which preserves an interesting archaeological collection on the people of Atacameni. This region is also the Parque Nacional Llullaillaco, crossed by a network of trails that allow you to admire beautiful landscapes.