Citta di Castello: what to see in one day, monuments

What to see in Citta di Castello, which monuments to visit, route through the city to walk to not lose the main tourist attractions.

Castle town in brief

It is a city of Umbria situated in a valley between the hills of the Tiber Valley, near the border with Tuscany. City with an illustrious past, his name was Tifernum Tiberium during the Roman Castrum and Felicitas (City of Happiness) in the Middle Ages. From 1230 he was called Civitas Castles, or Città di Castello.

By sec. The XV century. XVI, under the rule of the Vitelli family, whose members were very close to the Medici of Florence, were called to work in Citta di Castello, famous artists such as Giorgio Vasari and Luca Signorelli, elegant buildings were built, commissioned art works, which gave the city its Renaissance appearance.

Another family that has played an important role in the history of this city, is that of the family Albizzini. In 1503 was made by the young Raphael, for their chapel dedicated to St. Joseph in the church of San Francesco, The Marriage of the Virgin, an oil on canvas that is now in the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan.

Places to visit City of Castle

– The center of the town is Piazza Matteotti, overlooked interesting architeture like former Palazzo del Podesta, the Palazzo Bondi-Mancini, Palazzo Vitelli-Bufalini, Palazzo Cappelletti, side facade of Palazzo Bufalini.

– The Palazzo dei Priori, was built between 1322 and 1338 by Angelo da Orvieto, is presented with a rusticated façade, is one of the most famous town halls of Umbria, is located in the square Gabriotti.

– The Cathedral of Città di Castello, of Romanesque origin, was enlarged in 1356 and almost comletamente renovated between 1494 and 1529. Of the original remains little, however, the Cathedral Museum houses an important collection of sacred objects from the early Christian period ( VI sec.). Next to the cathedral stands the medieval Civic Tower, called by Tifernate Tower of the Bishop, who had a twin destroyed.

– The Municipal Art Gallery is located in the sixteenth century Palazzo Vitelli to Gunship. The rooms contain works performed from 1300 until the last century with remarkable examples of Raffaello, Signorelli, Ghirlandaio, Andrea Della Robbia, Ghiberti, Vivarini, Raffaellino del Colle, Pomarancio.

– The fifteenth Albizzini Palace, home to a rich collection of works by the artist Alberto Burri, born in Città di Castello, one of the major protagonists of contemporary art.