Collevalenza Shrine of Merciful

Information for visiting Collevalenza, historical origins of the sanctuary founded by Mother Hope to spread the merciful love.

Guide Collevalenza

Collevalenza is a medieval village perched on a hill in Umbria a few kilometers from Todi, famous for the presence of the Sanctuary of the Merciful Mother Hope. As for the origins of the village, it seems that on the hill, where he would have built the castle, there was a temple dedicated to Juno Valentia, from which derives the name of Collevalenza.

The castle dates back to the first half of the century. XIII, was thick and long disputed by factions of the Guelph and Ghibelline Todi. In 1311 it was demolished by the Ghibellines, in 1409 Sforza Attendolo you married Antonia Salimbeni, widow of Francis Casale, Lord of Cortona and Chiusi. The castle walls were rebuilt in 1474.

Shrine of Merciful

The recent history of Collevalenza is linked to Mother Speranza Alhama of Jesus, born September 30, 1893 in Santomera in Spain and died in Collevalenza on 8 February 1983 and founder of the Servants of the Sons of Merciful. In August 1951 Mother Hope along with some nuns and some guys called “apostolini” settled in the village of Collevalenza.

The Mother during this stay felt the call to create a center of spirituality addressed to propagate the Merciful Love. In the resort the ‘Roccolo’ arose the Shrine of Merciful Love, designed by architect Giulio Lafuente Madrid, one of the most significant examples of modern sacred architecture.

Besides the big church and the chapel of Merciful, the center has accommodation arranged on the slopes of the hill. Also there are the pools for the sick, the Well that was dug by the will of Mother Hope that pointed to the exact place, and the Source. The Chapel was elected sanctuary in 1959 by the Bishop of Todi, Alfonso Maria De Sanctis. In 1981 John Paul II paid a visit to the shrine.